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The MidAtlantic Medevac Flight Crew would LOVE to have you join us for a ride along! Please review the criteria below to see if you qualify as a possible ride along participant. If so, fill our the request form below!


  1. Minimum of 18 years of age.
  2. Weight must be 220 pounds or less with boots. Weight will be verified by the pilot prior to the safety brief. Weight in excess of 220 pounds will not be permitted to fly.
  3. Must be actively involved in healthcare, EMS or Police and Fire.
  4. Complete the Ride-A-long/Observer paperwork.
  5. Must not have flown with MidAtlantic MedEvac in the preceding 12 months. This is to allow even distribution of ride-a-long requests. 


  1. The program is available year round. During the summer months, it may be limited due by heat/humidity.
  2. The program will be available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays from 0800-1600 hours.
  3. Provide 3 dates of availability. Specify 1st, 2nd and 3rd preferences. Please include a base preference if applicable.
  4. Flight time is not guaranteed and is weather and mission dependent.
  5. If you are cancelled, every attempt will be made to re-schedule within a reasonable time period.
  6. Uniform style pants (black or navy) and a navy blue/white collared shirt. No scrubs, sweat pants or yoga/stretch pants are allowed. Dress for the weather.
  7. Boots with low heel and good tread must be worn. No sneakers, sandals, crocs or open toed or open backed shoes.
  8. A helmet will be provided for use during the ride along.
  9. A safety briefing will be done prior to any flights by the Pilot and medical team.
  10. As an observer, you will not participate in any patient care.
  11. Should it be necessary to leave you at the scene secondary to weight and balance concerns, every attempt will be made to help you return to the MedEvac base.
  12. If the Team is dispatched to a Pediatric specialty team flight (AI DuPont or St. Christopher’s) or a specialty equipment flight, you will remain at the base until the return of the team, or you may elect to depart and return when the team returns from the flight.
  13. A Med-Trans Ride-A-long waiver form and HIPPA compliance will be reviewed and signed prior to any flight and will be kept on file in the Communications Center.
  14. Use of any social media during the ride along experience is not permitted.
  15. Complete an online evaluation of the ride along experience.

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